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The Howland Company offers independent, technical expertise in the field of electromagnetic engineering. Working with clients in the aerospace, defense, and commercial industries across the U.S. and worldwide, our services include antenna range design, antenna testing, facility design, construction support services, and more.

Dedicated to helping our clients make the most efficient use of their resources, we are uniquely proficient at bridging the language and experience gaps between electronics engineers and construction contractors to ensure each project’s success.

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Electromagnetic engineering expertise.

antenna range design services

Design & Consulting Services

At The Howland Company, we provide trusted assistance to our clients with professional design and consulting services. From antenna range design to radar cross-section facilities, electromagnetic shielding, and more, we offer our expertise in creating effective and efficient designs to meet your needs.

antenna testing capabilities

Testing Services

With decades of experience in the design and development of antenna measurement facilities, electromagnetic shielding, and more, The Howland Company offers professional measurements and evaluations as well. Our expertise includes antenna testing, electromagnetic shield testing, and ripple measurements.

Construction Contractor Support

The Howland Company provides unique expertise to facility designers and builders when constructing specific facilities, such as anechoic chambers and electromagnetic shielding. From determining what needs to be measured and creating effective, affordable designs to offering our advice in terms of engineering and construction, we seek to clarify our clients’ needs and determine feasible solutions.

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