Low-Dielectric Test Article Support Fixtures


The purpose of the Test Article Support Column is to support the equipment under test securely, while at the same time having as little influence on the measurements as possible. The ideal support column would have a relative dielectric constant of 1.0, but supporting equipment on a column of air has proven challenging.

Test Article Support Columns are designed to have the lowest dielectric constant possible while at the same time supporting the load of the equipment under test.

The test article is supported on a block of low density polystyrene foam. This top cap is in turn supported by a thin wall fiberglass tube.


The standard support columns are identical for each of the different model wireless test labs except that the height varies to place the test article at the center of the test zone. The standard support columns are designed to support the load of a phantom head, phantom hand and handset.

Custom-designed columns and fixtures can be provided for larger loads or larger test articles. Contact us with your requirements.

Dielectric support - standard version for Model 3100 wireless test lab
Standard support column for
Model 3100 Wireless Test Lab
  5100 column
Standard support column for
Model 5100 Wireless Test Lab

DUT Support Column for Full Body Phantom

Heavy-Duty support column for
Full-Body Phantoms and
other large DUTs


custom test fixture

Custom Fixture--72-inch hollow foam
column, 1-inch wall thickness, with
wooden base and cap