Spherical Nearfield to Farfield Transform
Stand-Alone Software Application:
Spherical N2F 4.0

Near- to farfield transform package combining efficient processing,
proven NIST algorithms, and an intuitive GUI.

The Howland Compay's Spherical N2F nearfield to farfield transform software package--data output screen    The Howland Compay's Spherical N2F nearfield to farfield transform software package--setup screen


The Howland Company's Spherical N2F Software is a stand-alone package that transforms the spherical nearfield radiation pattern of an antenna to the farfield radiation pattern that the data would produce at an infinite distance. The package relies on algorithms developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), but the software code has been re-written for optimum performance on modern personal computers. The result is a software package that retains the high accuracy of the original NIST implementation but that processes the data much more efficiently.



  • Stand-alone software package for Windows PCs
  • Simple Graphical User Interface
  • ASCII Data input
  • Fast, multi-frequency data transforms
  • Selectable angular resolution
  • Compatible with Howland WTL Data Acquisition Software
  • Optional pattern fill for unmeasured data points
  • 2D and 3D graphical output
  • Gain & directivity vs frequency output


  • Minimum output angular resolution 0.2 degree
  • Gain accuracy – Dependent on gain standard
  • Transform time – Typically less than 1 second per frequency