Model 4800 Wireless Test Lab

The ideal choice for low-frequency OTA measurements, large
wireless devices, and testing with full-body phantoms.

The Model 4800 is a complete automated measurement system designed to meet the requirements of the CTIA Certification Program for Over The Air Performance. Applicable for testing virtually any wireless device, it includes a shielded chamber, two axis conical scan positioning system, instrumentation and software. The Model 4800 is designed specifically to test both terrestrial DVB-H signals at 470MHz and satellite DMB signals at 2.6GHz.

Model 4800 Specifications

Frequency Range 400 MHz – 10 GHz
Quiet Zone Sizes 12in (30cm) & 20in (50cm)
Max EUT Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
Range Length 75.5in (192cm)
Quiet Zone Ripple
12in Quiet Zone <±1.5dB (Typical)
20in Quiet Zone <±2dB (Typical)
Measurement Uncertainty Due to Ripple
12in Quiet Zone <0.35dB (Typical)
20in Quiet Zone <0.45dB (Typical)


Model 4100 WTL - mobile video wireless testing
 --THC Photo by Jamie Huff

Additional Information:

Download PDF Model 4800 ICD     Download PDF Model 4800D Data Sheet

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