Model 3500 Wireless Test Lab

Updated design for expanded CTIA testing requirements.

The Model 3500 is designed specifically to meet the expanded requirements of Version 3.0 of the CTIA Test Plan for Mobile Station Over The Air Performance, which includes requirements for the MediaFLO, Cell, GPS, PCS and AWS-1 bands. In accordance with the new CTIA requirements, the Model 3500 is designed with a larger Quiet Zone to accomodate larger wireless devices such as notebook computers.

Model 3500 Specifications

Frequency Range 700 MHz – 10 GHz
Quiet Zone Sizes 12in (30cm) & 20in (50cm)
Max EUT Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
Range Length 58in (148cm)
Quiet Zone Ripple
    12in Quiet Zone <±1.5dB (Typical)
    20in Quiet Zone <±2.0dB (Typical)
Measurement Uncertainty Due to Ripple
    12in Quiet Zone <0.35dB (Typical)
    20in Quiet Zone <0.45dB (Typical)

Additional Information:

Download PDF Model 3500D ICD (Right Hand Door Swing)  

Download PDF Model 3500D ICD (Left Hand Door Swing)  

   Download PDF Model 3500D Data Sheet

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The Howland Company's Model 3500 Wireless Test Lab--certification to CTIA CATL requirements in the smallest space
 --THC Photo by Jim Howland