Model 2100A Wireless Test Lab

Ultra-compact design for prototype and production testing.

The Model 2100A is a compact measurement system designed to make Over the Air (OTA) measurements on wireless devices. It is a scaled down version of the popular CTIA−certified Model 3100. While not meeting the current range length requirement of the CTIA Test Plan for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance, it does provide measurement uncertainties that are consistent with the CTIA requirements in a small, mobile chamber that requires no facility modifications.

Model 2100A Specifications

Frequency Range 700 MHz – 10 GHz
Quiet Zone Size 12in (30cm)
Max EUT Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
Range Length 24in (61cm)
Quiet Zone Ripple ±2dB (Typical)
Measurement Uncertainty
Due to Ripple
<0.5dB (Typical)

Model 2100 wireless test lab--chamber, instrumentation, and operator workstation

Howland Model 2100 Wireless Test Lab--Compact System for Wireless Device and Antenna Pattern Measurements
 --THC Photo by Jim Howland




Rohde & Schwarz used one of their Model 2100D systems to demonstrate their AMS32 OTA Software at CTIA 2012:

See Engadget's full report from CTIA 2012.



Additional Information:

Download PDF Model 2100A ICD     Download PDF Model 2100D Data Sheet

AMTA Symposium Technical Paper   "Using Spherical Near-Field Transforms to Determine the Effects of Range Length
on the Measurement of Total Radiated Power

Download PDF "A Small Chamber for Wireless Over-the-Air Measurements"

AMTA Symposium Technical Paper   "The Effect of Range Length on the Measurement of TRP"

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