Automotive Telematics Test Systems

Automotive telematics refers to the transmission of data from vehicle-based devices to remote devices or networks. This blending of computers and tele-communications has dramatically enhanced the functionality of motor vehicles. Today’s automobiles, trucks and buses support a wide range of telematic systems. Some examples:

  • GPS-based navigation systems
  • Mobile video
  • Cellular telephone and Internet
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS and RFID Tracking systems
  • Vehicle diagnostic and monitoring systems

Each of these systems operate in a different frequency band and require different antennas. In fact, it is not unusual for a modern passenger car to have more than thirty antennas distrubuted all over and inside the vehicle. And in each case the shape and material of the vehicle's components and the location of the antenna on the vehicle will impact the antennas' ability to communicate.

As a result, many companies are installing systems to quantify these effects and to select the optimum location on a vehicle for a particular antenna.

The Howland Company has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of these systems.

7.6-Meter Radius Elevating Spherical Near-Field Measurement System for Telematics Applications

9 Meter Phi (Elevation) Axis Spherical Nearfield Automotive Antenna Measurement System

12 Meter Phi (Elevation) Axis Spherical Nearfield Automotive Antenna Measurement System

  Elevating Spherical Near-Field Scanner, 7.6m Radius
12 meter arch