2-Hop Digital Microwave Network,
Pacific Missile Range Facility, Hawaii

Main image and insets courtesy US Navy; click insets for a closer look.
The Pacific Missile Range Facility is the largest multi-environment (air, space, surface, and undersea) instrumented test range. As part of a series of facility upgrades, new microwave data links capable of high capacity data traffic were installed to link the main site with two tracking and telemetry sites.   The Howland Company surveyed the proposed tower locations and prepared path profile and propagation analyses for the new point-to-point microwave network.

More about the Pacific Missile Range Facility:

View from the Kokee site, facing the main PMRF site   View from near the Makaha Ridge site toward the PMRF Range Operations and Control facility
 Photos courtesy Volcantrek8 and Waialeale Basecamp.
  This shot of the Makaha site shows Bldg. 708, the Communications Center, and the microwave tower on the left, as well as some of the tracking, surveillance, and telemetry systems whose data traffic is carried on the digital microwave system.   View of the Range Operations and Control Center (ROCC) site from the southwest point of Makaha Ridge (yellow diamond in the diagram below)--an 8.2 mile path running over the ocean and alongside the cliffs.  
      The Kokee site, looking toward the main PMRF site--this path is 9.2 miles, and accomodates a change in elevation of 3700 feet.