Bistatic Anechoic Chamber, Radar Reflectivity Lab,
Naval Air Warfare Center, Point Mugu, California

Bistatic Anechoic Chamber, Point Mugu
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The Bistatic Anechoic Chamber (BAC) at Naval Air Weapons Station Point Mugu is designed to perform both monostatic and bistatic RCS measurements on full scale, operational missiles and a surprising variety of other test articles.

The facility consists of a large 150 ft x 150 ft x 60 ft high (46m x 46m x 18m) anechoic chamber. The chamber houses a very large Scientific-Atlanta compact range that can be configured for either monostatic or bistatic RCS measurements and dielectric towers and an arch for supporting and moving Tx and Rx antennas for bistatic measurements. The facility's users report that the range has been used to perform measurements from 100 MHz to 100 GHz.


The Howland Company conducted the preliminary design study, prepared the basic drawings for the chamber, developed the specification for the compact range reflector, designed the layout of the anechoic material, wrote the portions of the specification that pertained to the electromagnetic design, and developed the target access, handling and storage procedures.

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