Large Anechoic Chamber (LAC), Radar Reflectivity Lab,
NAVAIR Weapons Division, Point Mugu, California

Large Anechoic Chamber (LAC), Pt Mugu

Anechoic Chamber for Precision Radar Cross Section Measurements

After twenty years of use as an indoor RCS range, the Navy converted this 40 ft x 40 ft x 100 ft long anechoic chamber to a compact range. As systems engineers for the project, The Howland Company performed the design work, including range geometry and anechoic layout. We acted as technical liason to the construction contractor and developed the system acceptance test plan.

In its compact range configuration, the chamber can perform high-resolution measurements over a frequency range from 1 to 100 GHz. It is equipped to handle targets up to 16 feet long. The facility has been used for a wide range of measurement projects, from towed aerial targets for Navy missile tests (below left), to measurements for commercial clients working on collision avoidance systems for passenger vehicles (below right).

TIX-1 Infrared-Augmented Towed Target in Pt Mugu Large Anechoic Chamber   RCS measurements for SUV backup warning system

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