Resources for the Antenna, RCS and
Telecomm Engineering Communities

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The Howland Company projects on the web:

Advanced Systems Integration Lab (ASIL)

Combat Talon II Radome Verification System (RAVS)

Deep Space Network, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Electromagnetic Vulnerability Assessment Facility (EMVAF), White Sands Missile Range

F-22 Production RCS Test Facility

F-35 RCS Acceptance Test Facility

Raytheon Antenna Test Facility

Missile System Evaluation Arena (MESA)

Motorola Outdoor Antenna Range Complex

Nippon Antenna R&D Center

Outdoor RCS Ranges

Primary Standards Lab, Sandia National Lab

Radar Reflectivity Lab, NAWC Pt. Mugu

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THC Technical Papers

A selection of technical papers and presentations by Howland Company authors, listed in descending order by publication date (i.e., newest first):




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