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January 11, 2011: Added specifications, data sheet, and facility drawing for the Model 2100A Wireless Test Lab. The Model 2100A incorporates several user-suggested improvements over the original 2100, including easier access to the DUT.


October 14, 2010: AMTA was in our hometown this year. It's been a very good week, reconnecting with friends and colleagues; Carl Sirles and Jamie Huff each presented a paper: "A Comparision of Methods for Evaluating the Test Zone Performance of Anechoic Chambers Designed for Testing Wireless Devices" and "A Small Chamber for Wireless Over-the-Air Measurements," respectively.

AMTA booth LO customers swarming the exhibit area A stop on the technical tour: one of the cleanrooms at the Georgia Tech Nanotechnology Center

December 12, 2009: Cetecom press release announces the addition of a Howland Model 3500 Wireless Test Lab at their facility in Essen, Germany.

Interior view of the Howland Model 3500 Wireless Test Lab operated by Cetecom in Essen, Germany
 --THC Photo by Jim Howland


October 1, 2009: Added specifications, data sheet, and facility drawing for the Model 3500 Wireless Test Lab. The Model 3500 retains the measurement accuracy and minimal space requirements of the popular Model 3100, while meeting the new range length and wireless band coverage requirements specified in the newly released Version 3.0 of the CTIA OTA Test Plan.


September 3, 2009: Revised the F-35 Acceptance Test Facility page.
May 29, 2009: Added two new gain standard dipoles: the VA-100-15-D for the AWS-1 transmit band and the VA-100-16-D for the AWS-1 receive band. Download the VA-100-D series datasheet for details.
May 12, 2009: Revised Project Portfolio page.

April 13, 2009: Our webmaster has been away on other projects; here is a summary of recent activity:

April 4, 2008: Congratulations to Hung Nguyen of Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, who has been selected by Test & Measurement World magazine's readers as 2007 Test Engineer of the Year. The cover story of the magazine's April edition describes Hung's work on the APG-79 AESA radar. Hung is pictured inside chamber 1 of Raytheon's Antenna Test Facility (ATF), which The Howland Company designed over twenty years ago. It's very gratifying to see that the facility is still attracting such highly talented engineers and is being put to such good use after all these years.

2008 Test Engineer of the Year Hung Nguyen inside Raytheon's Antenna Test Facility, designed by The Howland Company

Photo by Steve Labadessa
2008 Test Engineer of the Year Hung Nguyen inside Raytheon's Antenna Test Facility,
designed by The Howland Company.

February 4 , 2008: New page: RF Field Probe, Lockheed Martin F-35 RCS Acceptance Test Facility. Our thanks to everyone at Lockheed Martin in Ft. Worth for their support during this project. The facility ribbon cutting ceremony was held on January 23. Lockheed and Team JSF issued a press release.

Bob Fiorentini of Lockheed Martin speaking at the opening of the F-35 RCS Acceptance Test Facility The F-35 RCS Acceptance Test Facility, showing an airplane model mounted on the measurement pylons, the retractable calibration pylon, and The Howland Company's RF Field Probe
Photos courtesy LM Aero.

Bob Fiorentini, Lockheed Martin's Vice President for Global F-35 Production, speaking at the
F-35 RCS Acceptance Test Facility opening. (That's Ray Howland in the blue suit on the right side of the aisle.)
December 15, 2007: New page: Antenna-RCS Measurement Facility, General Dynamics C4 Systems

December 2, 2007: Uploaded "Radar Ranges of the Mojave Desert" by Tom Mahood. If you've been looking for the descriptions and photos of the RCS ranges in the California desert--Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, Boeing [McDonnell Douglas], and Navy--that used to be at http://www.serve.com/mahood/bluefire.htm, you can find them here. Thanks Tom.

"Pumpkin Seed" RCS Pylon Cap at LM Helendale RCS Range

November 19, 2007: Web site updates: minor additions & edits to several pages, plus two new pages: Beaufort Tactical Aircrew Training System (TACTS) and contact info for our International Sales Representatives.

November 12, 2007: AMTA follow-up: Another productive and fun show for us. Saw lots of old friends, had some very productive meetings with clients and colleagues, and collected more plaques and awards. Ray Howland was among the first group of AMTA members to be awarded the Edmund S. "Stan" Gillespie Fellowship; and Ed Hart, Jamie Huff, and Carl Sirles were all elevated to Senior Member status. Our thanks to the AMTA Board of Directors, the AMTA and Boeing Host Committees, and this year's sponsors for all their efforts and contributions. And thanks to Jeff Way for these photos:


  Ed Gillespie Fellow Ray Howland and AMTA President Daniël Janse van Rensburg
 --AMTA Photo by Jeff Way   Ray Howland (right) being congratulated by AMTA 2007 President Daniël Janse van Rensburg on his being chosen as one of the first recipients of the Edmond S. Gillespie Fellowship. The AMTA Board of Directors awards admission to the Gillespie Fellowship to individuals who have made "significant contributions to the AMTA and the antenna, radar reflectivity, and associated measurement communities."  
  AMTA Senior Member Ed Hart and AMTA President Daniël Janse van Rensburg
 --AMTA Photo by Jeff Way   Ed Hart (right) receiving his certificate of AMTA Senior Membership from AMTA 2007 President Daniël Janse van Rensburg. Ed has been a member since AMTA was founded in the late 1970s, and since joining The Howland Company in 1991 has never missed a symposium. Carl Sirles and Jamie Huff were also honored with Senior Memberships.  
  Jamie Huff presenting a paper on TRP and range length
 --AMTA Photo by Jeff Way  

Jamie Huff presenting “The Effect Of Range Length On The Measurement Of TRP” by Jamie Huff and Carl Sirles.

A copy of the paper is available here.


October 31, 2007: Added a page and data sheet for the Model 7600 Vehicle Test System.

October 29, 2007: AMTA 2007 is next week! Drop by Booth 422 and say hello, and don't miss "The Effect of Range Length on the Measurement of TRP" by Jamie Huff and Carl Sirles in Session 14.


October 26, 2007: Qualcomm has attained CTIA certification of their Model 4200 Wireless Test Lab, joining Motorola, Intertek, and Sporton as CTIA Authorized Test Labs (CATLs) using The Howland Company's Wireless Test Labs.

Model 4200 Wireless Test Lab for mobile device testing in the Media Flow, CDMA, PCS, GPS, and Bluetooth bands.
Qualcomm's Wireless Test Lab, CTIA certified for 1X EV-DO (HRPD),
Analog, CDMA2000, cdmaOne, and OTA Performance


October 24, 2007: Ray Howland attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Electromagnetic Vulnerability Assessment Facility (EMVAF) at White Sands Missile Range. Maj. Gen. Fred Robinson, Commander of the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command and Dr. Paul Tanenbaum, Director of the Army Research Lab's Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate, spoke at the ceremony. Watch this space for some photos of the completed facility...

Also updated the pages for the MC-130H Radome Verification System (RAVS) and the F-22 RCS Functional Test Facility.


October 17, 2007: The latest Wireless Test Lab has been completed for Motorola's Jaguariuna, Brazil facility. Our thanks to Sergio Toshio, Moises Santos, Andre Carrera, Omar Dumont, Luciano Moraes, and everyone else at Motorola for being such wonderful hosts.

Model 3100 Wireless Test Lab, Motorola Hardware R&D Lab, Jaguariuna Brazil finished 3100
Photos by Luciano Moraes (left) and Jason Moore (right).

Left: Jim Howland with Omar Dumont, Andre Carrera, and Moises Santos (seated) of Motorola.
Right: The completed Model 3100 Wireless Test Lab, showing the workstation and the Theta axis scanner.


June 20, 2007: Revised the Wireless Test Labs page to add new images and a link to the revised datasheet
for the Model 4100.

June 11, 2007: The installation of The Howland Company's latest Model 3100 Wireless Test Lab has been completed for Motorola's i-mode R&D facility in Rennes, France. The Howland Company has delivered over thirty Wireless Test Labs in Asia, North and South America, and Europe.

Model 3100 Wireless Test Lab Wireless Test Lab instrumentation

Left: The anechoic chamber, showing the dielectric DUT support column and (above) the PA-1 dual-band
probe antenna. Right: Jamie Huff and Jim Howland of The Howland Company with Motorola's Sébastien Koch
at the Model 3100's workstation.


September 26, 2006: Revised the Dielectric Support Fixtures for Wireless Testing page, adding photos of the standard support column for the Model 5100 Wireless Test Lab and a Heavy-Duty support fixture for large DUTs.

August 1, 2006: The new version of the PH200 Articulated Phantom Hand is in volume production. This improved version features stronger construction, a redesigned base assembly with more convenient mounting provisions, and a new custom-designed glove. The finished hands in this photo are undergoing preliminary leak testing.

PH200 Articulated Phantom Hand Final Assembly


July 14, 2006: New web site launched. Our webmaster would appreciate your comments & suggestions.