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August 15, 2016: The JASDF released photographs of the first F-35 built for Japan. The photos show the aircraft, AX-1, inside the Acceptance Test Facility at the Lockheed Martin plant in Fort Worth. The Howland Company has been a leader in the design of imaging RCS facilities like this one for over twenty years. We continue to support Lockheed and the F-35 at the Fort Worth facility and similar facilities at the F-35 FACO operations in Italy and Japan.

Japan's first F-35 inside the Acceptance Test Facility RCS measurement facility.   The first F-35 built for Japan in the RCS measurement facility at Lockheed Martin's plant in Fort Worth.


November 16 , 2015: We are launching our Antenna Testing service for antenna designers and integrators. We use Agilent and Rohde & Schwarz RF instrumentation and our own Howland test chamber, motion control system, probe antennas, and software. See the Antenna Test Services page for details and contact us with your requirements.

Model 3500 Wireless Test Lab at The Howland Company's Atlanta, Georgia facility

September 24 , 2015: LSR announces their new OTA test system, a custom-built system based on LSR's existing anechoic chamber and Howland's Model 3100 Wireless Test Lab. The new arrangement preserves the LSR chamber's previous capabilities while adding the 3100's spherical scanning functions. LSR Press Release: "LSR Expands EMC Testing Services with Automated 3D Antenna Measurement System."

Howland Model 3100 Wireless Test Lab installed in LSR's RF anechoic chamber.


March 12, 2013: We've added a second anechoic chamber at our Buford, Georgia facility. The new system, a standard Model 3500 Wireless Test Lab, will be used for production and quality testing and finished product calibration, so that the existing chamber can be devoted fully to new product development.

Model 3500 Wireless Test Lab at The Howland Company's Atlanta, Georgia facility    Model 3500 Wireless Test Lab interior


January 10, 2013: The US Army Research Lab website has added a new EMVAF page:

Electromagnetic Vulnerability Assessment Facility, Army Research Lab at White Sands Missile Range; or, ARL EMVAF at WSMR
 US Army photo

The Howland Company designed EMVAF's shielded anechoic chambers--the one pictured here is the Army's largest--and control rooms as well as the 100-ton capacity turntable, and developed the procurement specifications for the shielding and anechoic construction. We were also tasked with oversight of the QA program for all shielding and anechoic construction and testing, and conducted an extensive series of Imaging Spherical Nearfield (ISNF) measurements to characterize the two anechoic chambers.


November 27, 2012: Sandia Labs has issued a news release highlighting the work of the Primary Standards Laboratory. The Howland Company designed, provided construction oversight, and tested a cost-effective architecturally-integrated RF shielding system for the facility's 30,000 square feet of lab space.

An engineer's face is reflected on the surface of a quartz sphere used at the Sandia Labs' Primary Standards facility as the physical standard for roundness.
 Sandia Labs photo


October 30, 2012: AMTA follow-up: Another productive and fun show for us. Saw lots of old friends, and had some very productive meetings with clients and colleagues. In addition to stamping attendees' bingo cards in the exhibit area, we presented two papers this year: “Advanced Spherical Near-Field-To-Far-Field Software for Modern Computers,” by Randy Direen, Harry Direen, Jamie Huff, John Mantovani, and Carl Sirles; and “Using Spherical Near-Field Transforms to Determine the Effects of Range Length on the Measurement of Total Radiated Power,” by Huff and Mantovani.

AMTA 2012

And now, the countdown to AMTA 2013 begins...


October 17, 2012: New product announcement: Our Spherical N2F 4.0 Nearfield to Farfield Transform software package has been released. Details here.

Nearfield to farfield transform software from The Howland Company


July 29 , 2012: The Navy released this photo, showing the first flight of the X-47B UCAS at Patuxent River NAS with the Advanced Systems Integration Facility in the background. As the testing program continues, additional UCAS aircraft will arrive at Pax River and some will be tested inside the Advanced Systems Integration Facility anechoic chamber.

X-47B launching from Pax River, with the Advanced System Integration Facility in the background.
US Navy photo


July 11 , 2012: The Army Corps of Engineers has issued a construction progress report on the F-22 RCS Test Facility at Hill Air Force Base. The Howland Company worked with the COE Sacramento District and A/E firm EASE, Inc. to develop the technical requirements incorporated in the RFP specifications and drawings. The facility design is based on the F-22 Functional Test Facility we designed for Lockheed Martin.

May 14 , 2012: CTIA 2012 wrap-up: The Howland Company's James Huff presented technical contributions at meetings of the Measurement Uncertainty and M2M subgroups of the Certification Program Working Group. Also, our Model 2100D Wireless Test Lab was on display in Rohde & Schwarz's exhibit space, and featured in an informative Engadget report:

Howland Model 2100D Wireless Test Lab at CTIA 2012

CTIA 2013 is scheduled for May 20-23, 2013 in Las Vegas.


January 20, 2012: Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta and Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-Md) are shown the Advanced Systems Integration Laboratory at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland. Among other activities, ASIL is supporting testing efforts related to the F-35 Lightning II and the Northrop Grumman X-47B UCAS demonstrator.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta inspecting the Advanced Systems Integration Lab during his visit to Patuxent River Naval Air Station


October 24 , 2011: AMTA 2011 concluded last week; we were exhibitors at this year's show, and Howland authors presented two technical papers: John C. Mantovani presented "Recent Advances in Anechoic Chamber Characterization Using Spherical Near-Field Imaging," and Jamie Huff presented "Testing Large Wireless Devices in Small Anechoic Chambers." Congratulations to Ron Wittmann and Larry Mandeville, honored with this year's Distinguished Achievement Award and Distinguished Service Award, respectively. We're looking forward to AMTA 2012 in the Seattle area next Fall.


October 2 , 2011: Website additions: Outdoor Antenna Range, RSI Technical Products, revised Wireless Test Labs Comparison chart, and new or revised data sheets for the Model 2100A Wireless Test Lab, Model 4800 WTL, QR-4 Broadband Horn Probe Antenna, and Model 504 Azimuth Positioner.


June 27, 2011: Updated the F-35 RCS Acceptance Test Facility page:

01   F-35C, aircraft CF-03, being measured in the RCS Acceptance Test Facility.   02


June 16, 2011: The Radar Ranges of the Mojave Desert section has been revised and updated:

March 18, 2011: Several additions and revisions to the website, including pages for the Model 2100, 3100, 3500, 4100, and 4800 wireless test labs, the QR Series of probe antennas for wireless measurement applications, gain standard antennas for OTA test system calibration, and validation antennas for CTIA certification measurements of OTA test systems.

January 11, 2011: Added specifications, data sheet, and facility drawing for the Model 2100A Wireless Test Lab. The Model 2100A incorporates several user-suggested improvements over the original 2100, including easier access to the DUT.

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