Antenna Testing Services

THC Model 3100 Wireless Device Antenna Test Lab
For decades, The Howland Company has been recognized as a leader in the design and development of antenna measurement methods, techniques, and facilities. We are now making our experience and expertise available directly to antenna developers. We offer measurement results with industry-leading accuracy and reliability, quick turnaround, and reasonable pricing.

What We Can Test
Antennas up to 36 inches (92cm) in diameter
Antennas up to 100 pounds (45kg) in weight
Frequency range of 700MHz to 18GHz
Parameters We Can Measure

Total Radiated Power (TRP)

Test Data Formats
2D plots-
Radiation Patterns
Gain vs. Frequency
Directivity vs. Frequency
Efficiency v. Frequency
3D plots
Tabular Data
Digital Data (ASCII)
Our Facilities
We use one of our own Model 3500 Wireless Test Labs for measuring customers' antennas and wireless devices. Most measurements are made with an Agilent N5230A PNA-L Network Analyzer, but the following test & measurement instrumentation and equipment is also available in our lab:
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Please contact us and provide the following details about your test requirement. We'll respond with a detailed test plan and quote as soon as possible, usually within twenty-four hours.
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  • Antenna physical characteristics
  • Antenna weight, kg or pounds
  • Antenna maximum dimension, cm or inches
  • Desired Test Parameters
  • Measurement frequency range (start and stop frequencies), MHz
  • Measurement frequency step size, MHz
  • Phi axis start and stop angles, degrees
  • Phi axis step size, degrees
  • Theta axis start and stop angles, degrees
  • Theta axis step size, degrees