Installed System Test Facilities

The use of shielded or anechoic chambers is not limited to antenna or RCS measurements. For a given missile, aircraft, spacecraft, armored vehicle, or helicopter, it is critically important to know how all of the various onboard electronic systems interact with each other, react to received signals and how they perform in the electromagnetic environment for which they are designed. This is at least one level above measurement of an antenna pattern or collection of RCS data.


If the characteristics of the systems are to be guarded, or if the operation of the system could cause harmful interference to other systems, then a shielded chamber is needed. If characteristics of the systems are also to be determined under “free-space” conditions, then a shielded anechoic chamber is required.

Three examples of system evaluation facilities where The Howland Company has had a significant role are:

ASIL - Shielded Anechoic Chamber
US Navy photo by Kurt Lengfield
Advanced Systems Integration Lab (ASIL),
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division,
Patuxent River, Maryland
EMVAF, White Sands Missile Range
 --ARL Photo   Missile Engagement Simulation Arena (MESA) interior, showing control room and suspended F-5 target
--USN Photo
Courtesy ARL   US Navy photo
Electromagnetic Vulnerability Assessment Facility (EMVAF), US Army White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico   Missile Engagement Simulation Arena (MESA), Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division,
China Lake, California