Welcome to The Howland Company


For over 40 years The Howland Company has specialized in providing unique solutions in the area of electromagnetic test and measurement. Our areas of expertise include the measurement of antennas, radar cross-section, aircraft radomes, mobile phones and other wireless devices, and vehicle-mounted antennas for automotive telematics applications. We have played a role in many of the premier Installed Systems Test Facilties (ISTF) and Radar Cross-Section (RCS) ranges serving the military services and defense industry of the United States and allied countries. We have also developed expertise in the complementary technologies of RF shielding and anechoic chamber design.

An F-35 of the Italian Air Force suspended from a hoist in the ASIL anechoic chamber in preparation for electromagnetic environmental effects (E3) testing.


After many years of providing custom solutions to the wireless market, we used this experience as a base to develop a complete line of wireless test systems and accessories. Our turnkey wireless test labs have been certified by the CTIA and set the industry standard for measurement accuracy.

Dielectric test article supports and low-reflectivity RF cables for measurement of wireless devices
--THC Photos by Jim HowlandQR series of dual-polarized probe antennas for wireless device measurements  Turnkey solutions for wireless device OTA testing and pattern measurements
RAVS--Compact Range Depot Test Facility for MC-130H Combat Talon II Nose Radome
 --THC Photo by Jim Howland

We serve customers in both the defense and commercial markets, in the United States and around the world.

 Spherical Nearfield Scanner for telematics, designed, built, and installed by The Howland Company at Nippon Antenna's facility in Germany
--Photo by Daniƫl Janse van Rensburg